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At Ash Road Allotments in Headingley, Leeds we welcome gardeners from all walks of life.  Whether you are a first-time grower, or a compost-covered giant vegetable fanatic, there’s a space for you in our friendly community.


Our members are only too happy to share their ideas on going organic, recycling and being environmentally friendly.  But most of all, they are happy to share their love of growing!


Allotment News

Latest Allotment News:

Work Parties

Help out on the organised work parties to improve the site and do your bit for the community spirit.

Watch out for updates on the Facebook group and via email.


Dates for 2023 events.

Plant Sale - Sunday 21st May 2023 1400 – 1600

Macmillan Coffee Morning  - Sunday 16th July 2023 1030 – 1230

Show/Fun Day - Sunday 10 th September 1400 – 1600


Interested in Renting an Allotment Plot?

Like many sites we often have a waiting list, which might mean you have to wait for a plot to become available.  Keeping an allotment is quite a lot of work, so we’d normally offer you only a half or quarter plot at first, but the rewards are great: delicious fresh food, time spent in the open air getting close to nature, and friendly folk around you.  It is no accident that gardeners are some of the healthiest and happiest people around.


If you are interested in applying for an allotment, please take time to read our guide on ‘what to consider when taking on an allotment’.  You can make an application click here

What to Consider When Taking on an Allotment


There are many reasons why allotment gardening is increasingly popular.  Thanks to Monty Don, of “Gardeners’ World”, and (for those of a certain age) the classic TV sitcom, “The Good Life”, many have the dream of ‘growing their own’ and self-sufficiency.  The reality can be more challenging, particularly on a wet day in winter.  Please don’t be put off by the fact that there may be quite a few weeds about when you arrive on your new plot – it may not have been worked for a while.  It’s not about sticking a few seeds in the ground: there’s a fair bit of graft involved!  And there is work to be done year-round on an allotment – preparation for the summer harvest starts in the New Year!


Remember that any form of gardening is time consuming and needs commitment. Weeds have an unfortunate habit of taking over and growing far faster than your prize crops, and a plot can get rapidly overgrown.  The lead-in time for sowing, planting and then harvesting crops can also be long.  Be certain that you are able to spend sufficient time at your plot. During the main growing season a minimum of 16 hours per month (half a day a week) is desirable, and you probably need to visit every few days in hot weather if watering is needed, so bear that in mind if you work full-time. Consider carefully also whether your partner/family shares your enthusiasm – particularly in the summer months.  This is why we do normally limit first-time plot-holders to a half or even a quarter plot, because a full plot is large and a challenge to manage if you work full-time.  However, lack of knowledge of what to do when you start need not be a drawback, as fellow plot-holders are more than happy to share their experiences and there is plenty of knowledge on-line or if you ask!

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